Succulent Linocut - Illustration

This projects problem was to create a floral linocut illustration. The process was extensive as it included a simple yet accurate line drawing of a succulent. That sketch was then scanned into illustrator and created using the blend tool. The skateboards came later as they were a good way to communicate the illustration to the target audience which are people ages 15 to 35 who enjoy outdoor activites. 

PNW Soda Bar - Restaurant Branding

This project was handed to me to create a fictional brand and bring it to life. Going with a local old fashioned soda fountain, the colors chosen were simply a must as they are typical of cafes in the 50’s. The illustration itself is designed to grab the attention of family's and people who enjoy the culture of the 50’s and bring them into the cafe to enjoy some old fashioned milkshakes and floats.

Dachshund - Editorial Design

This project was given to create a magazine brand and an attractive layout to go along with it. The brand created is “Dachshund” a magazine for lovers of these adorable long bodied dogs as well as people who want to learn more about them and how to properly take care of them. The main focus of this layout is typography and shape as it speaks volumes to where your eye is lead. Sometimes breaking boundaries is okay as long as you do it in a purposeful and fashionable way and that is what is done here to give depth.

Dutch Bros - Motion Graphics

Dutch Bros is a local popular coffee shop is the PNW. Their 3 main rules they strive to achieve are speed, quality, and service which are all mentioned in this ad. Dutch bros is a fast-paced company that catches the attention of teens and young adults, this motion graphics advertisement goes to show the attitude of young adults with the bold typeface and bright colors.